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Psychological Treatment For Fetishism. Behavioral Cognitive


Aug 26, 2021

At Origen we offer you the most recognized treatment for Fetish Disorder and endorsed by International Organizations.

What is Fetish Disorder?

Fetishism refers to sexual fantasies or obtaining orgasm through a fetish object, usually a non-animated object, such as a garment. Sexual Fetishism is considered a disorder when it causes clinically significant discomfort, problems to the person who suffers it, or to third parties.

Are you the right person for this treatment?

Treatment can benefit you if the practice of these sexual habits generate negative consequences in your environment and / or personal and emotional consequences.


  • The practice of this sexual behavior causes you discomfort in daily activities
  • This practice makes it difficult to maintain intimate relationships
  • You don’t like this type of behavior morally, but you do enjoy doing it
  • You have tried to control it, but you notice that it is out of your control
  • Results of treatments for Fetishism
  • You will control sexual behavior
  • You will learn to manage sexual arousal
  • It will improve your quality of life and your interpersonal relationships
  • Type of treatment for Fetishism
  • Psychological treatment for sexual regulation. Cognitive behavioral therapy



WHAT DOES IT CONSIST OF It is a psychological treatment in which you will train and implement the necessary strategies and tools to improve the practice of sexual behaviors.

Based on cognitive-behavioral orientation, so the treatment includes intervention in three areas: thoughts, emotions and behavior.

By modifying certain aspects in each of the three areas, you will observe a progressive improvement in the control of sexual practices.

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