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Aug 26, 2021

The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language defines fetishism as «1. The cult of fetishes, 2. Excessive veneration of something or someone ”, as well as in psychology:“ Sexual deviation that consists of fixing some part of the human body or some garment related to it as an object of excitement and desire ”. So, it is basically about worshiping something so that on the sexual level that something becomes unchained of excitement .

In the event that this object is essential to achieve pleasure, we would be talking about a paraphilia . There are countless paraphilias, from the best known, such as altocalcifilia or being attracted to high heels, to brontophilia, being excited by storms or agalmatophilia and pygmalionism, which are the fetishism for naked mannequins and statues, respectively. Material fetishisms are very commonfor latex or lace garments: underwear are precious treasures for many fetishists, but the parts of the body or specific characteristics of people are also part of the pleasure of many. It can be a sexual attraction for pregnant, obese, elderly people and even the case of erythrophilia: people who blush.

Fetishism, in the case of being a paraphilia, can become a problem for those who live it since they persecute it obsessively and can not achieve sexual pleasure without their fetish, affecting even the work and social life of the subject. If excitement is not achieved without the fetish, it is sought compulsively and it is also a cause of remorse, it is essential to seek professional advice since it turns out to be a cause of suffering and there are specialized treatments and doctors.

But fetishism can also be introduced into relationships without the need for it to be a natural instinct as a game . It is about looking for alternative sources of pleasure through fetishism using, for example, the other’s used underwear, putting the five senses on that piece of cloth to remember their presence or participating in a role play. In fact, fetishism is present in many games without the person practicing it having ever put this label on it.

The most popular fetishes

  • Sex toys
  • Threesomes or
  • Rubber and latex
  • Uniforms
  • Humiliation
  • Body parts (feet and breasts)
  • Urofilia
  • The weirdest fetishes
  • Somonofilia
  • Necrofilia

Clismafilia: pleasure with the introduction of liquids through the anus


Acrotomophilia: attraction to people with amputated limbs and their stumps

Trichophilia: obsession with hair

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