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Aug 26, 2021

As with women, lubricant and be very careful, as we have already said how delicate the clitoris is. Also, like the penis, it has a glans or cap, so even more careful with this area. A dose of enthusiasm and eager to have fun and it will be a very special time.

In short, undress your feet, massage them, smell them, lick them, eat them and if you want to go further, masturbate with them until you reach orgasm.

Foot fetish in history

Let’s move on to see this type of fetishism in history. Chinese men had true devotion for small feet for centuries as it is a very desirable trait, in addition

to be an attractive characteristic to consider when marrying a woman . To do this, the girls bandaged each foot so that the bone did not grow lengthwise, but rolled over themselves. Great care and hygiene had to be taken in the area to avoid infection. The girls from the poor classes could not do it since it is very painful and it prevented the girls from working for their parents, since this had to be done between three and seven years. This was another reason why men preferred women with small feet as this was a symbol of wealth, class and distinction.It also had a component of control and submission because their feet were so small and difficult to walk with them for the reasons mentioned that they could not walk far from home. Fortunately this tradition fell into disuse and the girls stopped dying from the medical complications that such mutilation entailed.

Another noteworthy case much more current in time is the one that we all remember in the sequence of the film “Open until dawn” a sensual dancer wrapped in a snake who walks barefoot and brings her foot to the mouth of one of the spectators who enjoy of his show. The girl drops some beer down her knee, which goes down to her feet and from there it goes into the man’s mouth. He stares at her and drinks as he licks her toes. The dancer is Salma Hayek and the client was none other than director Quentin Tarantino. And it is not the only scene of this filmmaker where the feet are more important than other parts of the body of his actresses … Quentin is apparently another “lover” of this area of ​​the anatomy of women.

So maybe the time has come to try new things with your partner, you have to discover the pleasure that this forgotten and despised area of ​​your body can offer you !!!

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