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10 Strange Sexual Fetishes


Aug 26, 2021

Cataloged by social norms as rare, perverse or even unhealthy, these erotic practices, although unusual, have their small audience

Our species has learned to enjoy sex like no other. For human beings, anything goes, with love, without love, with oneself, three in bed, ten … The possibilities are endless. Society considers some of the sexual fixations strange to rugged, but strange as it may seem, there are those who find them pleasurable.

Cataloged by social norms as rare, perverse, or even unhealthy, these sexual practices, although unusual, have a small audience, although psychiatry sees in them much more than just sex.

These behaviors considered strange or irregular related to sex are called ‘paraphilias’, some more socially accepted than others. Paraphilia is a type of behavior that is characterized by a sexual act in which pleasure is not obtained in the conventional way, but involves fetishes and atypical sexual acts.

Here are some of these strange sexual practices:


Somnophilia is a type of paraphilia in which sexual arousal and / or orgasm are obtained by having sex with a stranger when he is asleep. There are different ranges, which can go from mere arousal or masturbation to the practice of sexual intercourse with the person who sleeps. These people are excited when they see someone asleep, and that excitement is increased by the fear that that person will wake up and be discovered.


These are people who obtain sexual pleasure through the introduction of liquids into the anus. In general it is not a shared fetish, so in general people who like this paraphilia perform enemas on themselves.

Masochism and sadism

Masochism and sadism are perhaps the most well-known paraphilias, and the ones that are more the order of the day thanks to films that show them to a greater or lesser extent, such as the famous ’50 Shades of Gray’. Masochists associate sexual pleasure with pain, cruelty, or suffering. They are excited to be beaten, whipped, enslaved, as well as suffocation or self-suffocation. These types of practices are dangerous and must be done with knowledge and caution, since pushing the body to the limit can end with an unexpected result. Sadism is based on experiencing erotic pleasure by causing physical pain or humiliation in the partner.


It consists of feeling sexual desire or preference for someone who has a limb amputated, although apart from the amputation, their canons of beauty are the standard. Sexual desire, in this case, is linked or dependent on the stump or stumps of the couple. Acrotomophiliacs are attracted to stumps resulting from some amputated body part, sometimes even the parts themselves. They generally prefer leg amputations to arm amputations, and most of the time they are more attracted to stump amputations than non-stump amputations. Many times, acrotomophiliacs end up amputating one of their own limbs.

Urolophilia and coprophilia

Coprophilia is a kind of fetishism that consists of the sexual arousal that feces produce in some people. These people get pleasure from smelling, tasting, touching stool, and even witnessing the act of defecation. This erotic activity is practiced both individually and collectively. Some coprophiles also practice coprophagia, that is, the ingestion of feces.

Urolophilia refers to the same with urine. Those who practice it know it colloquially as ‘golden shower’. There are people who also like to urinate in public, to urinate on themselves, to watch others urinate, or to be urinated by other people.


It is a type of fetishism in which you get pleasure from watching or wearing high-heeled shoes. Altocalcifilia is part of the fetishisms associated with clothing, in particular shoe fetishism, also known as retifism, which is the fetishistic attraction to shoes in general.


It is the sexual interest in a specific part of the body, which awakens in the subject at least as much erotic interest as the genitals, if not more. It is mainly related to the feet, hands and armpits, although it can be any part of the body except the genitals. It is one of the most common fetishisms in men. Arousal is produced by caressing, kissing, sucking, licking, smelling or touching the part of the body that is the object of the fetish.

The most common is podophilia (foot fetishism), although maschalagnia (armpit fetishism), nasophilia (extreme interest in noses) or trichophilia (obsession with hair) are also common among partialists.


Necrophilia is characterized by a sexual attraction to corpses in both humans and animals. It is probably one of the most taboo paraphilias, and also illegal.

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