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10 Bizarre Fetishes That Really Exist!

We live in a society where it is rarely necessary to hide your particular sexual preferences. Movies like 50 Shades of Gray and television stars like Jambers and Menno Büch have ensured that there are few kinks or fetishes left that the general public is unaware of.

But what is a fetish? According to the dictionaries, a fetish is an object or body part that has become a psychological necessity to give one sexual satisfaction. Although fetishes are often confused with kinks, there is a difference. According to the official reading, a fetish is an absolute necessity for fetishists to get excited.

Although fetishes are increasingly being discussed, what is said is not always positive. In many cases, fetishes seem to be the subject of surprise, confusion or amusement. Even if you’re a festish fan, the next 10 festivals are probably amazing. Especially number 5 made us scratch our heads. Which of the 10 did you find most shocking?

1: Balloons

People with a balloon fetish are also called ‘ looners ‘. These special figures get their sexual pleasures from the colorful inflatable rubbers, which are mainly a nice decoration for a birthday for the rest of the population. How this fetish manifests itself exactly differs. Some looners like to see someone inflate a balloon to the point where it bursts, but there are also fetishists who like to puncture balloons themselves or sit on them until they pop.

While this may sound strange, psychologically, looning isn’t a surprising fetish. The rush of adrenaline that looners experience when a balloon pops is part of many fetishes. The tension or even fear of the moment the balloon pops is followed by a wave of relief when the explosion actually happened.

2: Human Furniture

You might have come across this in a movie or two, but it hasn’t been a creative set builder: The human furniture (or fornifelie) fetish is a real thing. Often seen as an extreme form of bondage, fornifelie involves holding the position of a human piece of furniture thanks to an extreme amount of discipline or accessories that force the wearer into a certain position.

3: Teddy Bears

Ursusa galmatophelia sounds like going straight to the doctor, but this long and complicated term describes a sexual attraction to teddy bears. Closely related to the furry lifestyle and similar to the all-cuddly toy (plush elie) fetish, ursusa galmatophelia is a fetish where you experience sexual arousal thanks to the cuddly bear that probably slept with you in your childhood.

Several years ago, this fetish was repeatedly in the news when American Charles Marshall was repeatedly caught in public ‘making love’ with a stuffed bear. However, many fetishists who share this particular interest are more likely to practice it behind closed doors.

4: Small And Itchy

Formicophilia is closely related to zoofelia, or the sexual attraction to animals. However, in the case of formicophilia, the attraction is the idea of ​​insects or other small animals walking all over you or biting you. For example, a formicophile experiences it as exciting when ants walk on his (or her) foot or when a snail crawls over his arm.

5: Religious Accessories

Hierofelia is the sexual attraction to religious or sacred objects. Hierophiles become aroused by a specific object or by religious objects in general. It also happens that the excitement is limited to one particular religion, which in most cases is Christianity.

6: Stick-Stick

Agalmatophilia can target a myriad of different topics, with mannequins and dolls being the most popular. However, this fetish can also target human-like statues or even robots. The attraction in all cases seems to be that the subject of the fetish is and remains still and motionless. How this festish manifests itself then differs, with in some cases the fetishists wishing to be a statue themselves and in others wishing to have sex with the immovable objects.

7: Crushing

When one thinks of bizarre festivals, this is often high on the list. Fetishists in this case like to see someone crushing small objects, insects or other things with their body. In the most extreme case, these are small animals, for example rabbits or cats, which logically has led to this fetish having a bad reputation in the press and with the general public. In many countries this fetish is banned!

8: Mugging

As disturbing as the idea of ​​a robbery can be, there are fetishists who find this experience or the fantasy of it sexually arousing. Chrmasistotelie is a fetish for being mugged, which essentially grinds close to the fetish for balloons. In both cases it is the adrenaline that causes much of the excitement, although helplessness and submission also play a role in this case.

9: Armpits

Maschalagnie is a fetish where you get aroused by armpits. It can be the smell, the touch or simply what an armpit looks like, but in all cases it is a special part of the body that evokes feelings of sexual arousal. Often a fetishist will prefer a very specific kind of armpit, but there are also cases where any armpit will suffice. This particular preference is often the subject of old folktales or poetry from many hundreds of years ago, so seems to have been around for a while.

10: An accident is in a small corner

In the category of morally questionable fetishes, there is symphorophery. Sexual arousal is the result of witnessing or setting up a tragic event. The exact focus of the fetish can be anything from car accidents to natural disasters, but in all cases, again, it seems to be adrenaline that is the main motivator. This fetish was made famous by David Cronenberg’s bizarre 1996 film Crash. A film about a group of people who become sexually aroused by car accidents.

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