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    Why Do Some People Get Turned On By Their Feet?

    There are those who feel a special attraction for their feet and manage to feel arousal, when they see, lick or smell them. However, they or their partners cannot explain the taste for these limbs. When it comes to sex, there are different fantasies and preferences, depending on each person. All of them are discovered through experiences, and some, finding satisfaction in something that seems strange, tend to shut it up or not show it. However, in recent times, there are many who have mentioned the extreme pleasure that the feet produce, for which various studies have been carried out that determine different results. First of all, it is that…

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  • Foot Fetish

    What Is And Why Is The Foot Fetish

    The foot fetish and why it is so common to experience it On the causes, Freud’s explanation is usually followed, which places them in experiences that originate in childhood. Science also explains it from the fact that “the foot and the genitals have contiguous areas in the center of direction of brain activity and it is speculated that there could be links between the two. It is also working that the feet and genitals are areas of the body that are often covered and draw attention to what is not discovered with the naked eye, which is exciting, ”says Dr. Martin. The result of all these conditions leads to podophilia…

  • Foot Fetish

    How To Make A Foot Fetishist Happy

    Tips For Beginners In The World Of Foot Fetish. Have you ever thought that your feet can be sexy? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t even “think about your feet” … unless you’re dating someone who thinks about feet a lot, and especially in terms of their sex appeal. If the foot fetish is new to you, you may suddenly think more than usual about your (sexy?) Feet and wonder what exactly your partner would like you to do with them. What To Do Before Getting Into The Foot Fetish Game? Learn a little about common foot fetish practices to reduce your chances of looking surprised or shocked…

  • Foot Fetish

    What Is A Foot Fetish? Ideas For Foot Play

    From your toes to your arches to your heels, your feet contain over 200,000 nerve endings, so focusing on them during any sexual activity can be good, kinky fun. Sexual attraction to feet is among the most common kinks and sexual fetishes. What Is A Foot Fetish? A foot fetish (also called foot partialism, podophilia, or foot fetishism) refers to a sexual interest in which a person requires a form of interaction with feet for sexual gratification. Foot fetishists may become sexually aroused by toes, toe or foot shapes, toenails, ankles, foot-related jewelry, accessories like socks and hosiery, or foot odor. This sexual desire can come from various interactions, including…

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