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    Why Is Foot Fetish Pleasant?

    Some theories suggest that this taste for feet has to do with childhood experiences. The neurologist Vilanyanur S. Ramachandran states that have a fetish for feet may arise because the feet and genitals occupy contiguous areas in the brain and may be a link between the two. Other theories indicate that the attraction for this part of the body is more related to the fact that both the genitals and the feet are covered or, that the shape of the feet generates an attraction in the brain. Experts classify the attraction to the feet as a paraphilia that consists of feeling sexual arousal for things, situations or parts of the…

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    Theories As To Why People Engage In Fetishism

    Fetishism can have a variety of root causes. Little research has been done, and what there is consists primarily of case studies. Some hypotheses, on the other hand, have been advanced. First using the term “fetish” in an erotic context was Alfred Binet, a French psychologist. Just at time, it was presumed that childhood arousal experiences with objects were the cause of fetishes. Indeed, studies have shown that conditioning men to become attracted to certain objects, such as boots, is possible, indicating that a fetish can be learned. Due to the fact that female fetishes are uncommon, it’s possible that biological differences between womenand Men play a role in this.…

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    Fetishes Are Obsessions With Certain Things

    Do you have or does your partner have a sexual fetish? Foot fetishes are most common and openly discussed fetish, but people’s way of understanding a fetish.  when it becomes an issue has lacked mainstream acceptance of the term. If your fixation causes you or those around you undue suffering, that’s when your fetish becomes a problem. It would be considered problematic for a husband, for example, if he stopped being sexually attracted to his wife’s body and now finds himself only being aroused by the sight of her shoes. Fetish – An Idol Of The Mind erotic fetish or A sexual can be defined as an extreme sexual fixation…

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