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How To Make A Foot Fetishist Happy

Tips For Beginners In The World Of Foot Fetish.

Have you ever thought that your feet can be sexy? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t even “think about your feet” … unless you’re dating someone who thinks about feet a lot, and especially in terms of their sex appeal. If the foot fetish is new to you, you may suddenly think more than usual about your (sexy?) Feet and wonder what exactly your partner would like you to do with them.

What To Do Before Getting Into The Foot Fetish Game?

Learn a little about common foot fetish practices to reduce your chances of looking surprised or shocked when your partner tells you what they like.

The foot fetish encompasses a wide spectrum of activities and aesthetic preferences. According to Mistress Justine Cross, a professional BDSM consultant and lifestyle dominatrix, the type of foot fetish play someone enjoys generally has to do with hygiene. “The foot fetish can generally be divided into two common categories: clean feet and dirty feet,” Cross said. This could be combined with other preferences such as big feet, small feet, high arches, or certain toe shapes, be they long and thin, round and small, or anything similar.

“This fetish is so diverse that there are no set rules” about what turns foot fetishists on, said fetish creator and producer Bella Vendetta . Some people incorporate feet into their sex life while others, although they like feet, do not necessarily want to use them as a means of sexual stimulation. Your partner may be happy just rubbing your bare feet with some lotion or oil, admiring your feet in pantyhose, or watching you wiggle your toes while both of you are fully clothed.

Your partner may have already told you about his foot fetish, or you may have already noticed that during sex he takes a particular interest in your feet. In any case, “Let him know that you have an open mind about it and that you don’t think it is something weird, and ask him a lot of questions about what specifically turns him on,” Vendetta said.

Even after you’ve let your partner know that you are interested in experimenting, they may still feel a bit embarrassed when it comes to talking about their foot fetish, especially if their relationship is new or they are just getting to know each other. People are often reluctant to share sexual preferences that could be seen as unusual or deviant; Furthermore, the foot fetish is particularly misunderstood: your partner might worry that it will put you off or disgust you, that you think there is something wrong with him, or that you reject him.

“Growing up, many of us are told, ‘Feet are dirty, they’re gross, don’t bring your feet close to my face,’ so that’s the automatic feeling that many people experience simply because that’s what they were taught,” said the model. foot fetish scene Sweet Arches . “It is best to forget all prejudices and have a completely open mind” when someone tells you what they like about feet, even if it seems unusual (or even somewhat disgusting).

Ask your partner to tell you what they specifically like. If your partner tells you to fantasize about sucking your toes or smelling your feet during sex, or anything else like that, try answering something like: “I’m glad I get to know your tastes better and I’m interested in how we could make that works for us, how do you think we could start? ” Then before anything actually happens, you can talk about what you both might feel comfortable with or excited about.

Some of the most common things that can turn on your partner include smelling your feet, gently stroking them, or sucking on your toes. Many foot fetishists enjoy feeling their partner’s feet on their face, whether it is a gentle face massage or ” trampling “, a form of domination in which one partner lies on the floor and the other, standing, uses his feet to put pressure on his face or body. As Cross explained, trampling can be an example of how foot fetishes can be combined with preferences for submission, humiliation, physical domination, or other forms of BDSM.

When talking about involving your feet in your sexual relationship dynamics, do so as if you are excited to learn more about their tastes and to try new things, because it does excite you!

Give your feet a little love and attention by taking much more care of their cleanliness.

It is normal for you to feel a bit insecure about the appearance of your feet when you are not used to thinking of them as sexual resources. You might not even know what features make your feet sexy, and the thing is, that varies! “There really are tastes for all feet,” Sweet Arches said. Some people are turned on by well-groomed and pedicured feet (or not), while others enjoy seeing dirty feet. They may also have a preference for certain types of shoes, a particular style of socks or pantyhose, high arches, or the lines of the soles of the feet.

the large size of his feet, as well as his high arch and long toes that form a kind of beak, while he likes a different type.

No matter what you’re working with, you can give it a sensual approach, even if your partner’s tastes tend to be slightly different. Especially when, as Arches mentioned, for foot enthusiasts it’s all about clean / dirty feet. “As someone who really has a foot fetish, I personally love clean feet with nice nails and soft soles,” Arches said. Others, she added, might prefer sweaty, strong-smelling feet, though cleaning is best, unless you’re absolutely sure your partner likes stinky feet.

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