Foot Fetish

What Is And Why Is The Foot Fetish

The foot fetish and why it is so common to experience it

On the causes, Freud’s explanation is usually followed, which places them in experiences that originate in childhood. Science also explains it from the fact that “the foot and the genitals have contiguous areas in the center of direction of brain activity and it is speculated that there could be links between the two. It is also working that the feet and genitals are areas of the body that are often covered and draw attention to what is not discovered with the naked eye, which is exciting, ”says Dr. Martin.

The result of all these conditions leads to podophilia being described as a condition that causes “people to become sexually aroused by seeing, smelling, caressing, kissing, licking or sucking on their partner’s feet .”

How Common Is Podophilia In Men?

Much research shows that excessive foot attraction is the most common among men . In addition, they cite as other manifestations of sexuality allowing oneself to be tied up during erotic games and the fantasy of role-playing games or dressing in certain items of clothing, often feminine.

For specialists, the explanation that paraphilias in a general sense are more frequent in men is based on hormonal differences between the sexes. However, as long as these practices are conducted with the consent of all who are part of them, without forcing anyone and between people of legal age, there is no reason to reject those who follow them. We must remember that what makes the attraction to the feet a paraphilia is when it is applied to those who “depend on that fetish in an obsessive way to achieve arousal and it is the only way to achieve an orgasm”, says Martin. Something else to have. in mind is, in addition to the exclusive dependence of the fetishto achieve pleasure, feeling regret, regret or remorse when performing these practices. If both conditions are true, it is time to seek help from a medical professional.

Podophilia In Lonely Times

In the days of confinement, the impossibility of touching, smelling and feeling the feet that awakens the fantasy of those who are turned on by this sexual practice has been, like many things, on the Internet. Check the dating sites and you will be able to read more than one profile that lets you know that you are looking for couples with “attractive feet that let you play with them.”

Of course, in all social networks there are also those who put the center of attention on showing their feet to those who admire them with an unusual intensity and curiosity. More for the “real time” variant, there are sex toys in the shape of a foot, made of silicone, to which a hole in the shape of a vagina has been included in the center of what would be the plant. By the way, it is documented that sales soared during the pandemic … And, of course, with an artistic vision and an excellent part in the best stories, there are the films and works of art that already we had mentioned.

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