Foot Fetish

Why Do Some People Get Turned On By Their Feet?

There are those who feel a special attraction for their feet and manage to feel arousal, when they see, lick or smell them. However, they or their partners cannot explain the taste for these limbs.

When it comes to sex, there are different fantasies and preferences, depending on each person. All of them are discovered through experiences, and some, finding satisfaction in something that seems strange, tend to shut it up or not show it.

However, in recent times, there are many who have mentioned the extreme pleasure that the feet produce, for which various studies have been carried out that determine different results.

First of all, it is that you should not be afraid because you may be sick . It is natural that any part of your partner’s body comes to like you in a special way. Just as some are attracted to hair, face, hands, and elsewhere, it is also acceptable for feet to be attracted to them.

Men are the most excited with these limbs and in part it is due to the beautification that women try to give them, in addition to that they are generally better shaped than those of men. Now, there are a variety of products that they usually use to provide their feet with softness and a pleasant smell.

The interaction with high heels is also added to the above, as some men have the fantasy of seeing their partners in a sensual dress or naked using heels. Of course, this class of footwear endows the extremity with an obvious elegance and attraction.

Among the number of fetishes that exist, the foot fetish is one of the most common , although it sounds strange. According to experts, it is not strange that you find satisfaction in someone else’s feet , since they are still part of the legs, which are the extremities that have the most play in sex.

According to the psychologist Arola Poch , feet are one of the most passionate sources of intimacy, although some do not want to recognize it or are ashamed of it.

Experts have defined this particular taste for feet, as paraphilia , which basically consists of the sexual pleasure of caressing, kissing, smelling and sucking this part of the body.

Another theory about this fetish, speaks of  the sexualization that has been given to the feet through sex videos , because when it comes to generating excitement and sensuality, adult film actors interact with all parts of the body, including feet. Therefore, those who consume this content end up finding a particular taste for this part of the body.

All of the above is within the norm, but like any other sexual taste that becomes extreme, care must be taken. It is fine that your feet give you special pleasure, but it is worrying when it becomes an obsession to the point of observing everyone’s feet or focusing all your sexual appetite on that area of ​​the body.

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