Natural Fetish

Why Is Foot Fetish Pleasant?

Some theories suggest that this taste for feet has

to do with childhood experiences.

The neurologist Vilanyanur S. Ramachandran states that have a fetish for feet may arise because the feet and genitals occupy contiguous areas in the brain and may be a link between the two.

Other theories indicate that the attraction for this part of the

body is more related to the fact that both the genitals and the feet

are covered or, that the shape of the feet generates an attraction in the


Experts classify the attraction to the feet as a paraphilia that consists of feeling sexual arousal for things, situations or parts of the body that are not normally related to sex.

In that sense, experts define podophilia as the sexual arousal that some people feel when they see, smell, caress, kiss, lick or suck their partner’s feet.

The woman lets a stream of beer run from her knee, down her entire leg and into the man’s mouth. He, ecstatic , stares at her and drinks while licking her toes.

Men are the ones who have more paraphilias compared to women, since it is estimated that there is a ratio of 4 to 1. Some experts believe that the reason is the hormonal differences between both sexes.

How To Do It?

If you’re thinking of trying this fetish, experts

recommend the following:

1. Start with a simple massage.

2. Passionately touch, caress, lick, sniff or kiss all of your partner’s foot.

3. Gently tickle your partner on the soles of their feet.

4. Use your feet as a food plate and add the foods you like best. Eat them slowly and sensually.

5. You can masturbate your partner with your feet, this technique is known as footjob, but it must be done gently and without using too much force.

6. You can ejaculate on your partner’s feet.

paraphilias feet 

It is important to distinguish well between a sexual taste and a fetish or a paraphilia, since according to Dr. Fernando Rosero, a specialist in sexual health , we can all like certain things during sex, but in a paraphilia, there may be a dependence.

“They depend obsessively and permanently on that fetish to

achieve sexual pleasure or arousal,” says the expert.

There can be many causes for developing podophilia,

from past experiences to neurological causes.

In case the person begins to depend solely on the

fetish for pleasure or if he feels remorse and that same feeling

leads him to look for that fetish again, professional help should be sought.

These types of problems can be treated with therapies and medications, but it is important for the person to seek help promptly.

These are some of the ideas to proceed with the foot fetish